Author: Larry Vincent

Laurence Vincent is the award-winning author of Brand Real and Legendary Brands, a frequent speaker on branding, a photographer and the Chief Branding Officer at UTA Brand Studio.

From Mad Men to Brand Real

European Business Review[quote float=”left”]Brands only accrue value through the delivery of exceptional experiences.[/quote] I had the privilege of writing a piece for the July issue of European Business Review, which was released today. I returned to my favorite topic: how branding is a strategic discipline that must be managed by the most senior leadership of an organization. I’ve been really excited to hear more leaders and critics alike discussing the meat of a brand, instead of the sizzle. I firmly believe we are at a moment in time in the business community where leaders are re-evaluating how they go about building strong brands. Some of these evaluations are by choice, others by compulsion. Because “the brand” has become so important to any successful business, I am hopeful that more leaders will recognize it is not something that lives exclusively in the domain of the marketer.

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